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Photo Blog #3 A Simple Dress with a Story

This is a simple dress that tells a story …

The weavers from the highlands worked the handlooms … finishing only a few inches of fabric a day … they toil and bring the fabric to the big city to sell.

A designer sees the champagne colored fabric with gold thread glittering at a trade fair and is inspired … she sees something simple yet special … something connected to her roots …

The finishers and beaders work using their gifted hands on the cording, knotting, beading and fringes … until the designer’s vision becomes a reality. Everyone smiles…

Visit this “one-of-a-kind” Dress at North Road Boutique at The Fort.


Photo Credits:
Fashion Designer: Delby P. Bragais
Photography: Beth Macdonald
Model: Natalia Berendoc
Editing: Dan Formosa
Location: Prado Farm

Delby Bragais

Delby Bragais

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