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Photo Blog #1 Which White to Wear?

INSPIRATION: I recently spent a weekend at a beautiful farm with friends who happened to be multi talented … we all decided to do an impromptu fashion shoot … here are the pics of some of my wearable whites.

For a person who loves wearing head-to-toe black, with the exception of my red sneakers or scarf, white was a new color for me!
White symbolizes purity, honesty, and innocence … thus, most Wedding gowns are in white.

For lovers of fashion, an all white dress provides versatility as it goes with almost all colors, unlike others that have a limited range of colors that you may wear with them. It also is a great canvass to showcase different accessories in different colors.

Not all whites are created equal. Here are my top 3 tips for Brides when choosing their white bridal gowns:

* Make sure that the white of your wedding gown is the most flattering for you.
Simply put, undertones are colors underneath your skin. You may have warm, cool or neutral undertones.
For brides with warm undertones, creams and champagnes or a touch of yellow color pigment will look best.

For brides with cool undertones, brilliant white, soft whites or pure whites will look great on you.

Brides with neutral or both warm and cool undertones have a wider range of whites that will flatter them as they can
usually wear both cool and warm whites.

* For brides who want to look lighter, fairer or whiter … stay away from brilliant white wedding gowns as they
will make you appear darker due to the high contrast of the color saturation or intensity against your skin.

For a country where the sale of whitening soaps and creams are brisk with treatments for fairer skin gaining popularity, the choice of what
type of white to wear on your most important day is important.

* Check your teeth.
Some women have naturally pearly white teeth while others have yellowish teeth. To be on the safe side, check the color of your wedding gown against the natural color of your teeth.

If you choose a brilliant white gown and your teeth are on the yellowish shade … then this will make
your teeth look more yellowish and stained or make you look like you are in need of better oral hygiene.

I hope these tips were helpful. At a day and age when most brides simply save bridal gown photos from magazines or the internet, worn by models or their favorite celebrities or beauty queens, it is important to know that there is a Bridal Gown specially for you and you alone!

Photo Credits:
Fashion Designer: Delby P. Bragais
Photography: Beth Macdonald
Model: Natalia Berendoc
Editing: Dan Formosa
Location: Prado Farm

Delby Bragais

Delby Bragais

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